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August 5, 2012

Real Life Mufasa and Simba

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Yesterday I'm driving down the street and there was a cute little Yorkie running around in it. So I stopped, got out of the car, and chased it for like a half block. I finally got it and its tag said it lived on that street so I brought it to the house and told the owner it was running around in the street and almost got run over. He said thanks and that was it. So a half hour later I'm driving back down the same street and there's the same Yorkie running in the street again!!! So once again I stopped, got the dog, and brought it back to its owner. This time I was heated, and told him to take care of his dog better than that. What is wrong with people? I see that dog in the street again its mine! Mr. Buttersworth's new friend.

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