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May 7, 2020

Rt. 1 North's Missing On-Ramp in Revere

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Where is the quick on-ramp in Revere from Rt. 16 West to Rt. 1 North? Right by the old Plaza Garibaldi is the perfect spot to have an easy on-ramp to Rt. 1 North. This long needed on-ramp would significantly alleviate the traffic backup of vehicles needing to do a U-turn at the next intersection by Russo Tux so that they can access Rt. 1 North from the other side of Rt. 16.

When traffic is heavy you sometimes have to wait at the intersection through two or even sometimes three light cycles before being able to make the turn and that can be over 10 minutes! Our time is valuable! The backup is dangerous for vehicles coming off of Rt. 1 South wanting to head towards Revere Beach who need to immediately cross over two lanes to get in line to take the turn, and sometimes it's so backed-up they can't even get over there.

It's time to start asking where this much needed on-ramp is!

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