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Get to know Moppy Power! She has multiplePOWERS. The one she holds most closely to her heart is the power to save people money on their electric bills!

Are you tired of the recurring monthly ritual of paying your costly electric bill? Moppy Power invites you to break free from the grasp of traditional utility companies and take control of your power needs by going solar! Imagine the independence you'll gain by installing a personal power station on your rooftop. Not only will you generate your own electricity, but you'll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about future energy cost spikes. Embrace the change towards a more autonomous and empowered way of managing your energy consumption. Moppy Power can help you start saving very quickly and get rid of those pesky electric charges.

Why did you choose your specific electric provider? The answer is most likely, "I didn't have a choice". That's the way these utility companies want it --- no competition. That way they can shove their charges down your throat.

Here is an example of a National Grid bill (Eversource bills are similar). Have you ever really looked at it? These companies prefer you set-up auto-pay and don't look at the details of your bill. That's because when a customer really looks at their bill they usually get upset. Here's why.

On each bill you are double charged --- you are charged for the supply and the delivery. The charge for the supply is pretty self-explanatory. It's the charges for the delivery that will drive you crazy. Let's take a look at each delivery charge.

Electric Bill

#1: Customer Charge: You pay to be their customer. Isn't that nice?

#2: Distribution Charge: What you pay for them to release the energy to you.

#3: Transition Charge: This really should be apart of the transmission charge, but they like to pretend they're saving you money.

#4: Transmission Charge: What you pay for them to send the energy to you.

#5: Energy Efficiency Charge: Did you get your free light bulbs from Mass Save? Whether you did or not, you're paying for them.

#6: Renewable Energy Charge: You pay for renewable energy regardless if your energy is produced from renewable energy or not.

#7: Distributed Solar Charge: Even if you don't yet have solar, you pay for it.

#8: Electric Vehicle Charge: Regardless if you have an electric vehicle or not, you pay for it.

You see how the utility companies hammers you with all these additional lined charges. They even charge you to be their customer. ☹

Wouldn't it be nice to tell the utility company to get lost with all of their charges? Well guess what, you can! By going solar you can eliminate those charges and tell the utility company to take their expensive bills and get lost! It'll feel so good!

Beyond the abhorrent energy prices these utility companies charge, be prepared for some serious future wallet pilfering. Electric costs have soared within recent years.

As you can see, electric cost increases have been eye-popping. Do you think this trend will slow down or accelerate??? 🤔 🡽🡽

Most property owners who go solar discover significant savings. Even if you're one of those lucky owners who may not have a high electric bill (not me and probably not you), you should keep in mind how much electric has continually gone up over the years. A marginal savings today but a big savings down the road, as electric costs continue to climb. For most property owners the savings is substantial in their first year with solar.

I've been a real estate professional for over 15 years. In 2023 I started hearing property owners complain more than ever about their electric bills. I knew about solar and how it could significantly reduce electric costs, and decided to look into adding it to my portfolio of offerings to my clients.

I literally researched every solar product option available in the Boston area and it quickly became clear that SunPower® is far and away the best solar product on the market. As a real estate broker I've seen issues relating to the selling of houses with solar on them. Some products are not easily transferable and because of that a subpar solar product can derail a house from selling and even lower the property value of the house. SunPower's® warranty is fully transferable and increases the value of homes on average by over 4%! Their warranty is the best in the industry. Everything is all in-house, which no other solar provider can say.


1) SunPower® has been in business since 1985. Most solar companies have been around for less than a decade. Do you want to go with the company with 38+ years of experience or the company with 6 years of experience? 🤔

2) Industry-leading technology. The only complete home solar designed by one company.

3) Superior aesthetics. Low-profile InvisiMount® mounting system for a streamlined appearance.

4) Monitoring at your fingertips. Track performance and manage your system in real-time in the SunPower® app.

5) Industry leading complete confidence warranty. One company. Easy process. Comprehensive product and power coverage. AC and DC system warranty. Easy transferable warranty.

6) $0 down in-house flexible financing solutions. Streamlined process!

8) Backed by TotalEnergies SE, one of the largest energy company's in the world!

7) Homes with solar tend to sell for an average of 4.1% more! Increase appeal to buyers!

9) Powering over 500,000 residential homes in the US. Building a more sustainable future.

10) SunPower® solar panels have been used by NASA on its Mars rovers, by Apple on their futuristic headquarters, by the Department of Defense, and by so many other huge organizations. There are very smart people working at these companies and they chose SunPower® for a reason. They know it's the best solar product on the market, and it'll be the best solar option for your home as well.

After figuring out what solar product to offer my clients, I looked for a SunPower® dealer to hang my hat with. I came across the good people at State Renewable Energy out of Beverly, MA. They are an exclusive SunPower® dealer and the owner has done an excellent job at finding high quality people who are passionate about solar. He likes to ask, "Would you sell it to your mother?" When I saw the ethics I knew this was the place for me. I can assure you, most solar companies care mostly about just getting deals, everything else comes second. State Renewable Energy is ethically superior and I needed that for me to recommend such a product to my clients.

⚡Moppy Power⚡
Save on Your Electric!
Now that's Emotional Support!

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